The Bronze Range.
Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin, typically 88% copper and 12% tin. A range of different alloy compositions are manufactured to ensure the best material properties for your proposed project. We stock SAE 660 bearing bronze and PB1 in both round bar and tube.

Bronze properties and uses.
Bronze is a hard metal making it particularly suitable for the manufacture of bearings, clips, electrical connectors and springs. Furthermore, it does not generate sparks when struck against hard surfaces making it particularly suitable for making tools such as hammers, mallets and wrenches to be used in potentially explosive environments or near flammable vapours.

Copper based alloys have a lower melting point than steel which make them particularly suitable for sculpture as they cast very well. Bronze expands when heated so it forces itself into every part of the mould, then slightly contracts as it cools and solidifies for easier removal from the cast.

A guide to Bronze grades
SAE 660 bearing Bronze is the most widely used alloy in the range. It has a good load capacity and anti-friction qualities which make it the perfect alloy for fabrication as it is easily machined, is chemical resistant, corrosion resistant, resistant to wear and is hard and strong.
PB1, or phosphor Bronze as it is also known, is an alloy of copper, tin and phosphor. PB1 is exceptionally tough and very strong This grade has a heavy load bearing capacity.

When you need it…
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