Square Bar

Brass square bar is normally supplied in grade CZ121,with sizes in stock from 1/4″ across flats to 4″ across flats, in standard lengths from 100mm to 3000mm all available for a quick delivery, if you need you bar cutting to a specific size please let us know by phone or email with your requirements and we can organise it for you. It is easily machined and has good corrosion resistance properties so is suited to a wide variety of uses including, Locks, gears and lead screws, complicated turned parts, fasteners, electrical connectors, plumbing parts and decorative work.

The mechanical properties of brass are good with a
Proof Stress of between 230-350 MPa Tensile Strength 360-500 MPa, Hardness Brinell 90 to 160 HB and an Elongation A 20 to 5 %.

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